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European Style Aesthetics staff is committed to providing highest level of medical grade cosmetic procedures. You will find unique opportunity to receive treatment designed specifically for your needs with use of the latest technologies developed by best American and European companies.

European Style Aesthetics offers a wide variety of procedures for skin, body and face. Here you find the most advanced equipment, highly professional stuff, artistic approach and relaxing atmosphere.


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OrthoSnap is the very latest system for teeth straightening without braces. It’s quick, easy to use, affordable and more effective than other methods of teeth straightening.
OrthoSnap invisible aligners are a clear way to your new smile.
Also called One Hour Crowns, Same Day Crowns, Instant Crowns, and One Visit Smile – the CEREC system’s advantages are in its time-saving, convenience to the patient, speed and precision. Dr. Irina Feldbein is a cosmetic dentist who provides superior dental and aesthetic treatments to patients in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Her honest, straightforward approach and cutting-edge treatments can help you achieve a smile that is healthy and beautiful, so you can feel every bit as good as you look!