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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) and “Vampire Kiss”

You’ve seen it called “The Vampire FaceLift” on the television show “The Doctors.” It’s been featured on CBS News as “Twilight For Your Face”. What is “Vampire Kiss”?

This procedure may also be referred to as Vampire FaceLift, Dracula Therapy and HemoLift as collective technologies involve removing the small amount of patient’s blood, spinning it down to separate into its active parts: red blood cells, serum and platelets. Then portion of blood rich in platelets is injected into problematic areas on the face where the skin looks dull, wrinkly or old. Growth factors contained in platelets provide collagen growth stimulation and subsequent natural rejuvenating effect lasting up to 1 year.

Well, first of all, “HemoLift” or, may be, “Vampire Kiss” – names that I think are a little more cosmetically elegant than the “Vampire FaceLift” or “Dracula Therapy” as it is known abroad. The “Vampire Kiss” or “HemoLift” is the new use of a time-tested medical procedure for aesthetic purposes. The “Vampire Kiss” or “HemoLift” is an FDA-approved procedure where natural dermal fillers for your face (and other areas) are created for you directly from your own blood. Just so that we get this straight, you come into office, roll up your sleeve, give 2 small tubes of blood (just like you do when you go to the doctor for other blood tests), which is spun down in the centrifuge while you wait in the same room. Numbing cream is put on your face like we do for other injectable procedures. 20 minutes later after your face was injected you walk out of the office …!

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